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Rafting Types - Black Water Rafting

Rafting Types - Black Water Rafting Black Water Rafting is a unique adrenaline-pumping challenge that is slowly gaining popularity in the world. This Rafting adventure, which requires one to journey in a cave and immerse in its cool and refreshing waters, has become a worth-experiencing tourist holiday activity.

Black Water Rafting, also known cave rafting or cave tubing, is an exhilarating experience through some of the world’s most beautiful caves. This amazing underground tubing experience takes one to undergo a journey to the tight squeezes of dimly lit caves, take breath-taking jumps over clear, cascading underground waterfalls before finally floating calmly down river and enjoy the glowworm show on the limestone minerals held above the magnificent caves. The journey then usually concludes on a lush, green forest, where people can trek and enjoy nature.

A typical Black Water Rafting package adventure not only includes cave tubing but also caving and walking, glow worms seeing, and waterfall jumps. This activity entails one to use an inflated rubber inner tube, which is usually the same thing as the kind you would normally find in a car or truck tire, as a flotation device to take the passenger down the river. Each Black Water Rafting expedition usually includes about 8-12 people accompanied by two guides.

This type of Rafting is an experience that is said to be unique to New Zealand. The Black Labyrinth in Waitomo, New Zealand, for example, is usually about three hours long for the beginner level. Participants, however, should also be at least 12 years old, be in a moderate level of fitness, and weighs in at 45kg. Of course, there are the necessary pieces of swim wear, which includes the wet suits, footwear, and helmet. Water temperature may drop to 14-10 degrees Celsius on an average.


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